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Promoting the game of basketball at all levels within the state of Louisiana.


Why Become A Member?

Who can become a member?


The membership of the association shall consist of any current or former basketball coach (head, assistant, junior varsity, junior high or elementary) whose school participates in the LHSAA, College coaches from a Louisiana College, or organizations for basketball who help promote Louisiana High School Basketball.


Benefits of becoming a member of the LHSBCA: 

  •  Membership Gift

  •  Periodic newsletters

  •  Voting privileges at all meetings

  •  Members camp information posted on website for no charge, Non members must pay $50 fee

  •  Player privileges in competing in the LHSBCA Three-Point competition

  •  Allows the son/daughter of a LHSBCA member the opportunity to apply and receive a LHSBCA scholarship.

  •  Free admission to LHSBCA coaching clinic held during the Marsh Madness


What is the (LHSBCA) Louisiana High School Basketball Coaches Association?


-To promote the game of basketball at all levels within the state of Louisiana.

-To promote a harmonious relationship between coaches throughout the state.

-To help maintain the highest of standard in the coaching profession.

-To have a representative group of coaches in which problems of general interest may be discussed and to which they may be referred to for interchanging ideas, resulting in better relationship between schools and coaches.



How much does it cost? 

$100 - Both Boys and Girls Programs

$50 - Boys Program

$50 - Girls Program

$35 - Head Coach Only Membership

*Please note assistant coaches and middle school coaches are free if you pay for a program membership*


How to become a member?

You can register directly through our website by clicking here.  This will allow you to pay with a school credit card or a personal card.  A receipt will be generated immediately for reimbursement purposes. After the completion of registering your program we will then create an account for you to add additional coaches under your program.

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