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October NHSBCA Newsletter

National High School Basketball Coaches Association October 2018 The National Voice of Action for High School Basketball Coaches A MESSAGE FROM NHSBCA PRESIDENT – CHRIS NIMMO – MISSOURI NHSBCA Members, The start of the 2018-19 basketball season is just around the corner, and perhaps many of you have even started (we start in Missouri on October 29). This is such an exciting time of year for those of us that are still coaching and even those who have retired from coaching high school basketball still get excited about the start of the season, as well as for players, parents, fans, and boosters. As you begin your season, hold coaches meetings, and all of the other preparation that goes into it, please keep in mind that for the majority of high school players around the nation, this is their last opportunity to play this great game competitively. With this in mind, please do all that you can to make it as enjoyable experience as you can for all of your athletes. I am in no way saying to be easy on then, in fact just the opposite, push them as hard as they allow you to push them. I am a firm believer that almost all players seek discipline and for sure need it, but at the same time develop relationships with them, love them up when they make mistakes and correct them when they make mistakes as well. Go the extra steps to make them feel valued and appreciated. As most coaches know and realize it is the developing of relationships that matter, not the wins and losses. Keep fighting the good fight that so many of you continue to do. As many of us know there is not a more rewarding profession. Some people feel that the high school coach has lost a little importance in player’s lives over the last several years. Although this is perhaps the case, we must fight to reestablish the importance of this role in the lives of our players. I assure you the NHSBCA is doing all we can to re-establish the importance of high school coaches. Chris Nimmo Missouri NHSBCA PRESIDENT – CHRIS NIMMO – MISSOURI Chris Nimmo reported that for the past three years (’15-’18), BARONS Rings has been the official ring company of the NHSBCA. Chris was excited to report that a new two year (’18-’20) deal with BARONS Rings has been signed and they will continue to be the official rings of the NHSBCA. BARONS Rings will continue to provide the NHSBCA Court of Honor inductees with specifically designed rings. BARONS also sponsors a number of state associations to provide championship rings for their members. Sr. Director of Operations & NABC Board Member: Dave Archer – New York Dave Archer continues to work with groups and organizations concerning the new NCAA June recruiting period. He expressed at the time of our meeting there was many uncertainties but the NHSBCA continues to add valuable information to the process. Dave anticipated that the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) will be moving forward and develop criteria for events. Dave did report that one question that continues to be brought up is who will be responsible for the selecting the players that will be eligible to participate at the June scholastic events. At this point in the process that responsibility has not been assigned. Dave stated players invited to these events are supposed to be elite level players and from member state association schools. On Tuesday, Oct. 23, Dave Archer (New York) and NHSBCA Board Member, Greg Grantham (North Carolina) flew to Indianapolis to meet with the National Federation of High Schools. At this meeting, they discussed keys topics with the NFHS and how these events could be correctly administered. Look for important information to be released from the NFHS this week. Senior Director of Communication – Rich Czeslawski – Illinois: Rich Czeslawski reported that an agreement with Luceo Sports was reached. The agreement will allow Luceo to develop a comprehension system to link the NHSBCA and state associations under one umbrella. The benefits of such a system would improve associations at both the national and state levels. Some of the benefits of such a system would be for associations to provide whiteboard access for all members as well as website design, membership registration, and marketing tools for state associations. Rich in conjunction with Luceo personnel has developed two separate levels for the state association to consider. Basic Level – This level will have no additional cost to individual states. States will continue to pay their normal association dues. Even thou there will be no additional cost to the state, Luceo, and the NHSBCA will provide added value to members in the form of whiteboard access. Premium Level – This package would require an additional annual fee for states. The Premium package would include the whiteboard for all member coaches of a state that purchased it, registration made easier, website construction, etc. The Premium Package would also give the individual state the opportunity to recruit new sponsorship because of up-to-date technique. With this new technology, the NHSBCA website will be changing as well. We encourage individual coaches to discuss with their state leaders the possibility of participating in this LUCEO program. Secretary/Treasurer – Dave Ginsberg – Michigan Dave Ginsberg reports that 15 states have paid their ’18-’19 dues. He also reported that new dues invoices were mailed within the past couple weeks. Dave reported that Steve Witty (Indiana) has purchased more association giveaways for meetings and conferences. On the website front, Dave report that “Points-of- Pride” have been added with more to come. ( WBCA Information: Renee Turpa (Board Member) – Indiana Renee Turpa continues to have communication with the WBCA. She stated that changes within the WBCA have made it difficult to build additional bridges with the association. She did report that she has worked with the “WBCA Youth Sports Committee”. She did state that there has been no additional information about the “High School Coaches Day” at the 2019 Women’s Division I Final Four in Tampa. P.O. Box 11 7 Grawn, MI 49637 | Visit us at: | Follow @NHSBCA on Twitter NHSBCA Summer Conference 2019 – Nalin Sood – Washington Nalin Sood reported that plans for the 2019 summer meeting in Seattle are progressing nicely. Lodging at the Washington Athletic Club has been finalized and social activities are being looked at as additional activities for attendees. Nalin also reported that he has talked to a few local sponsors in an attempt to keep the cost of the conference down. The NHSBCA is looking forward to their time in the Pacific Northwest. Next NHSBCA Executive Board Conference Call November 18, 8:00 pm (Eastern) Note: The Executive Board of the NHSBCA Conducts regular monthly conference calls to discuss association business as they relate to the betterment of this association and its members nationally. NHSBCA Executive Board: Chris Nimmo (President – Missouri), Dave Archer (Senior Director of Operations – New York), Tom Barrick (Vice-President – Ohio), Rich Czeslawski (Director of Development & Communication), Nalin Sood (Past President – Washington), Dave Ginsberg (Secretary/Treasurer – Michigan), Renee Turpa (Ad Hoc Board Member & WBCA Liaison- Indiana), Peter Murray (Ad Hoc Board Member – Maine), Don Logan (Board Member Emeritus), Greg Grantham (Board Member Emeritus – North Carolina), Steve Witty (Board Member Emeritus – Indiana) and Tom Hursey (Board Member Emeritus – Michigan)

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